2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Specs, Interior, Pricing

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid
2022 toyota rav4 hybrid

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is a great choice for those looking for a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicle. The RAV4 Hybrid gets excellent gas mileage and emits very little emissions. It is also a very reliable vehicle that will last for many years.

What’s new

  • New midgrade SE trim joins the lineup
  • Minor changes to feature availability
  • Part of the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 introduced in 2019
2022 toyota rav4 hybrid xle premium

Hybrid SUVs are in many ways the perfect family hauler. The driver gets the much-loved high driving position, there’s plenty of room for passengers and cargo space is usually ample. Beyond that higher ground clearance and available (or standard) all-wheel drive add capability perhaps for the best All you save on the pump.

When it comes to the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid you’ll get 10 more mpg over the standard RAV4 than the non-hybrid RAV4 as well as more power and a smoother powertrain. It would have been a no-brainer if it weren’t for the slightly higher price tag.

2022 Toyota rav4 hybrid review

The two-row RAV4 Hybrid isn’t the only efficient SUV in Toyota’s arsenal. If you have a larger family to move to opt for the three-row Highlander Hybrid. For an all-electric driving experience, the RAV4 Prime is a plug-in hybrid version with an all-electric driving range of about 40 miles. For the 2022 model year Toyota has expanded the RAV4 Hybrid lineup with a new sporty SE trim.

The efficient, comfortable and spacious RAV4 Hybrid has a lot to offer but the Honda CR-V Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid and Hyundai Tucson Hybrid are also worth a look. Want to know what our test team thought of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid? Check out the Edmunds expert ratings below for comprehensive information review.

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid xle

2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Expert Rating

The vehicle testing team evaluates a batch of new vehicles each week, pairing objective assessments on our test track with real-world driving on city street highways and winding roads. The data we collect produces our expert ratings. They are based on more than 30 scores covering various aspects of car experience.

The RAV4 Hybrid promises a spacious interior and smooth ride comfort with the practical benefits of large cargo space and impressive fuel savings. It delivers where it counts but it makes small compromises on the driving experience and interior quality. It is versatile and only A handful of hybrid SUVs but it has the downsides of a regular RAV compared to other compact Utes.

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid price

Toyota rav4 hybrid Performance

How does the RAV4 Hybrid drive? The surprisingly quick acceleration aided by the hybrid’s electric setup makes the RAV4 Hybrid a lot of fun to drive. There’s always plenty of power ready for a snappy slingshot around traffic and straight-line sprints are just as fun. Our test car 0-60 mph is done in 7.8 seconds. That’s more than a second quicker than a non-hybrid RAV4 and quite quick for a small SUV.

Things are less fun when stopped – the brakes feel mushy and there isn’t much feedback – as does the steering. The XSE’s sports suspension still helps the hybrid stay stable when cornering. All RAV4 Hybrids have all-wheel drive. It is not for off-road use but it certainly helps with more traction on snow and ice.


2022 Toyota rav4 hybrid Interior

How comfortable is the RAV4 Hybrid? The RAV4 Hybrid can comfortably cover long and short distances. The XSE trim we tested handled rough patches and bumps with ease without feeling overly stiff or harsh. The front seats are meticulously sculpted and properly padded but the bottom of the seat starts It feels flat on longer drives. The lack of adjustment on the passenger side can also make it difficult to find a comfortable position.

On the highway the RAV4 is generally quiet. The exception is that the sound of the engine can get rather rough when you rev ​​up. The climate control system adjusts the temperature quickly and distributes the air well throughout the cabin.

2022 Toyota rav4 hybrid Interior

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid limited

How is the interior? Getting in and out of the RAV4 Hybrid’s front and rear seats is easy and the spacious cabin offers enough room for four adults to stretch out. The RAV4 isn’t claustrophobic and has excellent visibility in all directions. And the rear seats are set. The low front seats are bizarrely high and cannot be lowered. This can be a problem for taller drivers and front passengers.

Most of the controls are logically placed for a glance. Unfortunately, touchscreens still have a long way to go. The tuning knobs and buttons on the passenger side of the screen require reaching out to use.

Rav4 hybrid limited Technology

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid

How is technology? Audio and navigation controls are easy to use thanks to the large tablet-like display but the graphics look dated. There’s nothing fancy about the tablet but it gets the job done. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration are standard. This is also a good thing because Toyota’s native Entuned software is still clunky.

Voice commands handle basic phone audio and navigation but require thoughtful verbal input. Taking the time to train the system to learn your voice — or switch to Siri or Google Voice — is worth it. The advanced driver aids offered as standard equipment are a huge plus.


How is the storage? The RAV4’s cargo room is nearly the largest in its class hybrid or otherwise and the loading floor is low for easy loading. The battery pack doesn’t take up valuable cargo space and the RAV4 Hybrid offers the same luggage space as gasoline (37.5 cu ft) other side. Tie down hooks and a 12-volt power outlet enhance the utility of the hybrid.

A small center console and a few storage corners provide room for most small items although a nifty tray lined with rubberized handles spans the length of the dash and is a nice place to put your phone and wallet. Parents with young children will love the RAV4. Easy to locate and connect The car seat is anchored to the lower car seat. Front-facing seats and boosters are easy to install but installing a rear-facing baby seat on the passenger side may require moving the front seats up.

Toyota rav4 hybrid Fuel Economy

How’s the fuel economy? You’ll be hard-pressed to do better than the RAV4 Hybrid’s combined EPA rating of 40 mpg (41 city/38 highway). That’s not only impressive in itself but a full 10 mpg more than the non-hybrid RAV4 model. We averaged 35.2 miles per gallon Test that’s when driving with heavy feet a lot. Drive more deliberately and 40 mpg is within the range of reality.

2022 toyota rav4 hybrid configurations


Is the RAV4 Hybrid worth the money? The RAV4 Hybrid looks and feels good. Good touches abound like rubberized grips on the dial and soft landings on the elbows. The optional simulated leather upholstery is soft and pliable.

A hybrid doesn’t cost much more than a non-hybrid and in return you get better power and fuel economy. It will actually pay for itself by saving on gas during the duration of your loan or lease. Toyota’s traditional warranty coverage is average but hybrid parts are covered for 8 years/100,000 mile. Two years/25,000 miles of free scheduled maintenance is generous.


The RAV4’s latest styling changes make it look tougher but there’s only so much design aggressiveness you can bake into a crossover. Much of the joy of poking into the hybrid’s throttle for juicy low-end punch is offset by its rubber-steering numbing brakes and humming engine under high load.

Still its snappy electric acceleration-tightening suspension and modest off-road capability make the RAV4 Hybrid a reliable all-around driver. Toyota has largely succeeded in eliminating the RAV4’s tediousness.

Which RAV4 Hybrid do you recommend?

If you don’t like the sportier look of the SE and XSE trims the XLE Premium is the best option in the RAV4 Hybrid range thanks to some attractive standard features like a sunroof power liftgate and simulated leather upholstery. For extra comfort add the XLE Premium Weather Pack For heated seats and heated steering wheel.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid models

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid models

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is available in five trim levels: LE XLE SE (new for 2022) XLE Premium XSE and Limited. All trims are powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). A second electric motor powers the rear Traction-demanding wheels means every RAV4 Hybrid comes standard with all-wheel drive. The hybrid system produces a total of 219 horsepower.

The all-new 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient SUV in its class. It gets an EPA-estimated 41 mpg in combined city/highway driving which is 10 mpg better than the non-hybrid RAV4.

The RAV4 Hybrid also has more standard features than the non-hybrid model including LED headlights, a sunroof and wireless charging. It’s available in four trim levels: LE XLE Limited and Platinum.

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