New 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Interior, Specs and Price

The all-new 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient Corolla ever. It gets an EPA-estimated 52 mpg in combined city/highway driving which is better than most other hybrid cars on the market. The Corolla Hybrid also has a sleek new design with a sporty front end and LED headlights.

What’s new

The all-new Toyota Corolla Hybrid is finally here and it’s better than ever. This hybrid sedan has a sleek new design, improved performance and all the latest features. If you’re looking for a hybrid that’s fun to drive and easy on your wallet the Corolla Hybrid is the perfect choice.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid
  • New Premium Interior package
  • Part of the 12th generation Corolla introduced in 2019

For years if you wanted a fuel-efficient Toyota hybrid your options were a somewhat clunky Prius hatchback or more expensive options like a Camry RAV4 or Highlander. Two years ago, the Big T launched the Corolla Hybrid, an electric version of one of the best-selling cars of all time. our judgment? Combining the Pruis’s frugal powertrain with the sporty flair of the current-generation Corolla makes this fuel-efficient sedan worth considering.

That said unlike its non-electrified counterpart, the Corolla Hybrid is only available in the sparsely equipped LE trim. This keeps costs down but the cabin feels a bit low-rent. Luckily the new premium interior package dresses up the Corolla with Toyota’s SoftTek parody Leather upholstery and leather-wrapped steering wheel. This is a highly recommended upgrade and should go a long way in making the cabin feel more comfortable.

While the Corolla Hybrid remains a solid choice among compact hybrids some rivals offer a more enjoyable driving experience with upgraded interior materials or extra rear-seat space. Among its direct competitors we think the Honda Insight and Kia Niro are worth checking out. but if If you’ve opted for an affordable Toyota Hybrid be sure to read Edmunds’ expert ratings below to see if the Corolla Hybrid is what you’re looking for.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Expert Rating

2022 toyota corolla hybrid review

Our Conclusions Vehicle testing team evaluates a batch of new vehicles each week pairing objective assessments on our test track with real-world driving on city street highways and winding roads. The data we collect produces our expert ratings. They are based on more than 30 scores covering All aspects of the car experience.

If you want the fuel economy of a Toyota Prius but don’t want to drive the Corolla Hybrid is a great alternative. It has the same hybrid system and offers the same fuel economy. But it also has similar driving quirks such as the brake pedal at low speeds and some odd noises and vibration.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Performance

How does the Corolla Hybrid drive? 

The Corolla Hybrid offers respectable power and smoothness during low-speed acceleration. You won’t have any problems keeping up with the pace of city traffic. Once you try to hit highway speeds quickly (0-60 mph took 10 seconds slower in our tests) the acceleration is a little lacking but This is typical for a gasoline car like this.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid price

Although the economy tires don’t offer much grip the Corolla Hybrid is stable in corners. The main downside is that the brake pedal feels abrupt and gripping at low speeds. It’s more annoying than anything else but it makes it difficult for the hybrid to stop smoothly.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Comfort

How comfortable is the Corolla Hybrid?

The ride quality of the Corolla Hybrid is well-controlled. It’s smooth and doesn’t isolate or float too much. Less appealing are the front seats. They feel relaxed when you first sit on them but they lack the support and adjustability needed to make long drives bearable. As for noise mixing It’s generally quiet although the engine sounds unpleasant when you’re fueling it hard.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid price interior e

Due to the fuel-conscious intent of the hybrid the climate control system provides an ecological setup that increases efficiency. You can use this setting on mild days but if you’re dealing with really hot or cold days you’ll want to turn it off. Otherwise, the system can’t keep up.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Interior

How’s the interior? 

The Corolla’s interior isn’t fancy but it’s well thought out. The main controls are clearly marked and easy to find without taking your eyes off the road. We also like the driving position. Instruments and front rear and side views are clear.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid price interior

While there’s plenty of room in the front seats rear space is more limited especially when it comes to headroom. Tall adults must duck in and out and when seated they will find their heads close to the roof.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Technology

How’s the tech? 

The main infotainment display is adequate but lacks navigation and certain functions are arbitrarily locked as you move, which is a source of constant frustration. Apple CarPlay is supported and works as expected and Android Auto connectivity is standard. Toyota’s Entuned app is Alternatives are poor in terms of features and functionality. The integrated voice controls understand most commands efficiently although you’ll still have to navigate through prompts to complete tasks. You’d better use your phone.

Standard safety features like adaptive cruise control come at an impressive price. Alas the system isn’t smooth at low speeds so you don’t want to use it in stop-and-go traffic.

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Storage

How’s the storage? 

Storage options are average overall and you can find more cars that fit. The rear seats fold easily but are not flat. Instead, they created a shelf that separates the luggage from the cabin. This feature may help protect suitable items but if You want a flat loading surface. The center console compartment can hold a phone and a wallet or purse but that’s about it.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid for sale

Installing a child safety seat in the rear is easy thanks to the visible and easily accessible lower car seat anchors below the plastic flaps. The upper tether is also easy to find.

Fuel Economy

How’s the fuel economy? 

The EPA puts the Corolla Hybrid at 52 mpg combined matching the fuel economy of the main versions of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Our test car returned 58 mpg on a 117-mile evaluation route that covered highway country roads and city streets.


Is the Corolla Hybrid good value?

The Corolla Hybrid offers a lot of value for its low price and decent standard features. Most of the interior looks and feels right for the price but the overall design looks a bit premium. Best of all you get two years of free maintenance and roadside service Assistance with no mileage limit.

If you’re happy with the base car’s offerings you’ll be happy. But there are no additional trim levels or options so those looking for quality-of-life upgrades — like premium-sounding leather or superior cell phone connectivity — will need to look elsewhere because the Corolla Hybrid is only available in LE grade.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid b


Handsome exterior styling helps the new Corolla shed the boring look and feel of previous versions. Still, you can’t help but feel like you’re driving an appliance. The Corolla Hybrid handles the day-to-day tasks with due diligence and no complaints. Alas the unique hybrid drones, the engine’s light steering feels and buzzing acceleration at high speeds ensure that the driving experience is nothing to sneeze at.

Which Corolla Hybrid do you recommend?

The Corolla Hybrid is only available in one trim so there isn’t much to choose from. Your decision will mostly come down to what packages you want available for your car. We think both are worthy of inclusion. Blind-spot monitors always come in handy while premium trims The packaging adds a much-needed touch of class to an otherwise dull interior.

2022 toyota corolla hybrid price interior sq

Toyota Corolla Hybrid models

As the name suggests, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is an electric variant of the popular Corolla. It’s only available in the sedan body style and only on the modestly equipped LE trim level. Power comes from a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor. total the output between the two sources is 121 horsepower. The engine and electric motor send power to the front wheels via a continuously variable automatic transmission. This is what you will get:

Inside the Corolla Hybrid is a spacious and modern cabin with plenty of high-tech features including a large touch screen display and wireless charging. The Corolla Hybrid is also one of the safest cars on the road with an impressive suite of standard safety features.

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